Zoo Tycoon

Cheat Codes Zoo Tycoon

1. Unlocking All Animals: Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + C during gameplay to unlock all animals available in your zoo.
2. Faster Money: To gain money quickly, press the SHIFT + 4 keys simultaneously during gameplay.
3. Maximum Money: Use the SHIFT + 1 keys together to get the maximum amount of money available.
4. Zoo Rating Increase: If you’re looking to boost your zoo rating, press the SHIFT + Z keys during gameplay to increase it instantly.
5. Increase Visitors: Press the SHIFT + V keys simultaneously to increase the number of visitors to your zoo.
6. Change Animal’s Breed: To change an animal’s breed, press the SHIFT + B keys during gameplay.
7. Unlocking Dinosaur Fences: First, type “ALT + SHIFT + D”. Following that, enter the code SHIFT + E which unlocks dinosaur fences. You can now use them to enclose and exhibit your dinosaurs.
8. Changing Time of Day: If you wish to change the time of day, press the SHIFT + C keys together during gameplay.
9. Quickly Research All Fences: Press the SHIFT + F keys simultaneously to immediately research all available fence types in the game.
10. Remove Foliage: To remove foliage like trees, rocks, etc., press the SHIFT + R keys during gameplay.

Remember, cheats can alter the gameplay experience and may diminish the challenge. It is recommended to use them for fun or experimentation purposes rather than relying on them solely for progression.

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