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Cheat Codes The sims 3

Here are some cheat codes and hints for The Sims 3:

1. motherlode – This cheat code gives you 50,000 Simoleons (the in-game currency) instantly.
2. testingcheatsenabled true – This cheat code enables a variety of additional cheat options, such as being able to shift-click on objects or Sims to unlock special interactions.
3. moveobjects on – This cheat code allows you to move and place objects anywhere, disregarding any grid restrictions.
4. familyfunds [family name] [amount] – Replace [family name] with the actual name of the family and [amount] with the desired Simoleons, to instantly change the family’s funds.
5. kaching – This cheat code gives you 1,000 Simoleons.
6. freerealestate – Enables free purchasing of any available property in the game.
7. resetSim [Sim name] – Use this cheat code followed by the name of the Sim to reset them, which can be helpful if they’re stuck or glitching.
8. enablellamas [on/off] – If you want to see a llama mascot during certain events or loading screens, use this cheat code followed by ‘on’ or ‘off’.
9. buydebug – This cheat code unlocks additional objects and items in the buy mode catalog.
10. fullscreen on/off – Toggles between fullscreen mode.

1. Use the ‘motherlode’ cheat occasionally, but avoid relying on it too heavily as it can take away the challenge and achievements of gameplay.
2. Keep Sims’ needs balanced by fulfilling their desires and keeping their relationships in good shape, as it contributes to their overall happiness and success.
3. Take advantage of skill-building opportunities for your Sims. Gaining skills not only unlocks new abilities but can also lead to better job prospects and higher earnings.
4. Explore the game’s expansions and downloadable content (DLC) to access new gameplay elements, traits, objects, and locations.
5. Utilize the in-game map to discover new areas, opportunities, and hidden collectibles.
6. Experiment with the Create a Sim tools to customize your Sim’s appearance, traits, and aspirations to create unique stories.
7. Engage in various activities available in the game, such as fishing, gardening, or painting, which can provide additional income or boost skills.
8. Join career professions to advance your Sim’s lifestyle and unlock careers-specific perks and rewards.
9. Take note of your Sim’s lifetime goals and aspirations, as fulfilling these can result in powerful rewards that significantly impact gameplay.
10. Explore the game’s extensive community creations and modifications (mods) created by fans that can enhance and personalize your gameplay experience.

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