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Cheat Codes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Cheat Codes:

To activate these cheat codes, go to the Extras menu in the game’s pause menu and select the “Enter Code” option. Then, enter the following codes:

1. Red Brick Codes:

– Studs x2: UZFBG4
– Studs x4: 5MZ73E
– Studs x6: XC010H
– Studs x8: H8X69Y
– Studs x10: A93Z1E
– Attract Studs: C7FJ7B
– Gold Brick Detector: 7CSD5U
– Minikit Detector: 7VKCT2
– Fast Build: JYJAFX
– Disguises: 4LGJ7T
– Santa Hat: Z6VQHG
– Pumpkin Hat: 35E41W

2. Character Codes:

– Iron Man (Mark 5): 2NGSRZ
– War Machine: TQ4C57
– Iron Patriot: Q5X1J5
– Spider-Man (Future Foundation): WFOZXQ
– Thor (Classic): H8CSE6
– Hawkeye (Classic): G6K2VM
– Captain America (Classic): B7AA3K
– Black Widow (Classic): 9B1GKF
– Hulk (Classic): J58RSS
– Wolverine (Cowl): OAW2LB
– Deadpool: RDT637


1. Red Bricks Location:

– Gold Brick Detector: Found in the “Feeling Frisky” bonus level.
– Fast Build: Found in the “House Party Protocol” bonus level.
– Attract Studs: Found in the “Tabloid Tidy Up” bonus level.
– Minikit Detector: Found in the “Nuff Said” bonus level.

2. Character Unlocking:

– Complete the story mode levels to unlock new characters. Keep an eye out for hidden areas and secret missions as they often reward you with new characters.
– Some characters can be unlocked by finding Character Tokens hidden throughout the game world. Use characters with special abilities to access these hidden areas.
– Complete various challenges and races scattered throughout the game world to unlock additional characters.

3. Ability Combos:

– Experiment with combining different characters’ abilities to solve puzzles and access hidden areas. For example, use Captain America’s shield throw ability to activate switches out of reach, or use Spider-Man’s web-slinging abilities to swing across large gaps.

4. Team-Up Moves:

– Certain characters can perform unique Team-Up moves when paired up with specific characters. These moves can deal massive damage to enemies or solve specific puzzles. Experiment with different character combinations to discover powerful Team-Up moves.

5. Collecting Studs:

– Collect as many studs as possible during gameplay to earn a higher score. Studs can be used to purchase unlocks and upgrades.
– Destroy objects, defeat enemies, and explore hidden areas to find studs. Use characters with special abilities to access hard-to-reach studs.
– Use the Attract Studs Red Brick cheat code to make studs gravitate towards your character, making it easier to collect them.

Remember, using cheat codes may disable certain achievements or trophies in the game. Have fun exploring the Lego Marvel Super Heroes world!

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