LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Cheat Codes LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

1. Character Unlock Codes:
– Enter the code AUC8EH to unlock the Character Studs multiplier.
– Enter the code 7AD7HE to unlock the Character Token Detector.
– Enter the code H27KGC to unlock the Character Studs x2.
– Enter the code BZ7H9M to unlock the Collect Ghost Studs.
– Enter the code 4DMK2R to unlock the Disguise.

2. Spell Codes:
– Enter the code 69Y7E8 to unlock the Dumbledore’s Army.
– Enter the code 2FLY6B to unlock the Fast Dig Spell.
– Enter the code TPJ37T to unlock the Fall Rescue Spell.
– Enter the code QQWC6B to unlock the Gold Brick Locator.
– Enter the code 93UU3F to unlock the Red Brick Detector.

3. Miscellaneous Codes:
– Enter the code VE9VV7 to unlock the Invincibility Red Brick.
– Enter the code 82WBDN to unlock the Santa Claus.
– Enter the code 84QNQN to unlock the Silhouettes.
– Enter the code YZNRF6 to unlock the Singing Mandrake.

4. How to find Ravenclaw’s Diadem:
– In Year 7, Part 2, in the second hallway of the Hogwarts main entrance, use Aguamenti on the huge fire to put it out. Then, use dark magic on the cabinet in the back corner to reveal the Diadem.

5. How to collect all Student In Peril:
– In Year 6, Part 4, destroy all the dark magic statues in the room to release the student trapped in the painting.
– In Year 7, Part 2, after defeating Nagini, the student can be found in the right corner of the room. Switch to a character with fast magic, destroy the silver objects, and the student will be free.

Remember to input the cheat codes at the menu or pause screen to activate them.

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