Kingdom Come Deliverance

Cheat Codes Kingdom Come Deliverance

While using cheat codes can significantly alter the gameplay experience, please consider using them with caution to avoid negatively impacting your progress. Additionally, cheats may disable achievements or even cause unexpected glitches. Here are some commonly used cheat codes for Kingdom Come Deliverance on PC:

1. cheat_add_item [item code]: Adds the specified item to your inventory. Replace [item code] with the desired item’s code. For example, “cheat_add_item itm_golden_goblet” will add a golden goblet to your inventory.

2. addmoney [amount]: Gives the specified amount of money to your character. Replace [amount] with the desired quantity. For instance, “addmoney 1000” will grant 1000 in-game currency.

3. cheat_teleport: Teleports your character to the targeted location. This can be useful for swift travel or reaching inaccessible areas.

4. e_equip_best_items: Equips the best available armor and weapons in your character’s inventory automatically.

5. e_unlock_recipes: Unlocks all crafting recipes for your character, enabling you to craft any item without limitations.

6. wh_cheat_add_perk [perk ID]: Provides the specified perk to your character. Replace [perk ID] with the desired perk’s ID. For example, “wh_cheat_add_perk perk_combat_mastery” will grant the combat mastery perk.

Remember, using cheat codes can hinder your game experience and may detract from the challenge and sense of accomplishment. It is recommended to use them sparingly and only when you feel it will enhance your enjoyment of the game.

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