Age of Mythology

Cheat Codes Age of Mythology

Here are some cheat codes and hints for Age of Mythology:

Cheat Codes:
1. ATM OF EREBUS: Gives you 1000 gold.
2. TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE: Gives you 1000 wood.
3. JUNK FOOD NIGHT: Gives you 1000 food.
4. BAWK BAWK BOOM: Summons a chicken meteor to the targeted location.
5. WRATH OF THE GODS: Causes a lightning storm.
6. O CANADA: Gives you 2000 of each resource.
7. IN DARKEST NIGHT: Changes time to night.
8. SET ASCENDANT: Reveals all animals on the map.
9. L33T SUPA H4X0R: Gives you the power of instantaneous construction.
10. RED TIDE: Turns the water red.

1. Scout the map: Before starting any matches, explore the map to find key resources, settlements, and potential enemies. This will help you plan your strategy accordingly.
2. Balance resources: Make sure to maintain a balance between gathering resources, constructing buildings, and training units. Neglecting one aspect can lead to a disadvantage in the game.
3. Research technologies: Continuously research new technologies to unlock upgrades and better units. This will give you an advantage over opponents who ignore technology advancement.
4. Focus on myth units: Age of Mythology features powerful myth units that can turn the tide of battle. Invest in training and upgrading these units to dominate your opponents.
5. Utilize god powers: Each civilization has unique god powers. Make use of these powers strategically to gain an upper hand in battles or boost your economy.
6. Form alliances: In multiplayer games, forming alliances with other players can be beneficial. Share resources and work together to overpower opponents.
7. Protect your economy: Ensure that your resource-gathering buildings (e.g., farms, gold mines) are well-guarded to avoid losing valuable income during enemy attacks.
8. Micromanage battles: During battles, try to control your units individually for more effective results. Focus on countering enemy units or exploiting their weaknesses.
9. Adapt your strategy: Be flexible with your strategy based on the situation. Pay attention to the gods your opponents are favoring, their military composition, and adjust yours accordingly.
10. Have a backup plan: Prepare for unexpected events by building defenses, training diverse units, and keeping a reserve of resources. This will help you recover quickly or counter surprise attacks.

Remember, using cheat codes can affect the gameplay experience and may disable achievements or online features. It’s recommended to use them in single-player or non-competitive environments.

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