Age of Empires 3

Cheat Codes Age of Empires 3

Sure, here are some cheat codes and hints for Age of Empires 3:

1. Cheat Codes:
– To activate the cheat mode, press the Enter key and then type the desired cheat code. Press Enter again to activate the cheat.

a. x marks the spot: Reveals the full map.
b. medium rare please: Gives you 10,000 food.
c. give me liberty or give me coin: Gives you 10,000 coins.
d. nova & orion: Gives you 10,000 experience points.
e. a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese: Gives you fattened animals.
f. speed always wins: Increases the movement and gather rates of all units and buildings.
g. sooo good: Increases the attack of your units.
h. this is too hard: Skips the current level in the campaign mode.
i. where’s that axe?: Gives you George Crushington (a powerful unit that looks like a statue).

2. Hints:
– Make sure to explore the map thoroughly to find valuable resources and strategic locations.
– Create a balanced economy by gathering resources efficiently and managing them wisely.
– Build a variety of military units to counter different enemy forces effectively.
– Upgrade your units and buildings to increase their power and efficiency.
– Use hotkeys to quickly access important commands and actions.
– Play strategically, focus on both defense and offense, and adapt your tactics to the situation.
– Form alliances or trade with other civilizations to gain economic advantages.
– Utilize special abilities of your units, such as stealth, heal, or siege mode.
– Use artillery units effectively to deal with enemy defenses and structures.
– Population limit can be increased by building Houses or recruiting Explorers (depending on the civilization).

Remember, using cheat codes can be fun, but it might also diminish the challenge and enjoyment of the game. It’s recommended to use them sparingly or for experimentation purposes.

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