Age of Empires 2

Cheat Codes Age of Empires 2

– To enter cheat codes, press Enter to bring up the chat box, then type in the code and press Enter again to activate it. Note that cheats will disable achievements for that particular game session.

1. “cheese steak jimmy’s” – Gives you 10,000 food.
2. “robin hood” – Provides you with 10,000 gold.
3. “rock on” – Grants you 10,000 stone.
4. “lumberjack” – Gives you 10,000 wood.
5. “aegis” – Enables instant building and researching.
6. “how do you turn this on” – Spawns a Cobra Car unit.
7. “marco” – Reveals the entire map.
8. “natural wonders” – Control nature, such as flying dogs, fast-moving berry bushes, etc.
9. “black death” – Instantly kills all opponents on the map.
10. “i r winner” – Immediately completes the current mission.
11. “woof woof” – Transforms all birds into super-fast dogs.
12. “torpedo#num” (replace # with a number) – Kills the chosen unit, with numbers 1-9 representing different creatures/units.

– Always explore the map and gather resources as quickly as possible.
– Prioritize creating a strong economy by building enough houses, farms, and lumber/stone/gold mines.
– Research important upgrades and technologies to improve your units and buildings.
– Use a mix of different military units to counter your opponent’s forces effectively.
– Utilize hotkeys to quickly access important actions and control groups for your units.
– Build defensive structures, such as walls, towers, and castles, to protect your base from enemy attacks.
– Keep an eye on your population limit and avoid being maxed out, as it hinders your ability to create more units.
– Don’t forget to trade with allies and use markets to boost your economy.
– Control key areas on the map, like chokepoints or resource-rich regions, to gain an advantage.
– Adapt your strategy based on the type of map, opponents’ civilizations, and game mode (e.g., multiplayer or campaign).
– Practice and learn different build orders and strategies to become more efficient in your gameplay.

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